“She is a master at what she does and working with Sonali has truly been a blessing!”

Kirsten Thompson  |  graduate, nortre dame academy & university of san diego


Kirsten Thompson
Pre-Medical Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

Notre Dame Academy
University of San Diego

“Sonali Perera Bridges was my independent college counselor throughout my Junior and Senior year of high school at Notre Dame Academy High School. At Notre Dame Academy, the ratio in the college-counseling department is 60 students to 1 college counselor, a situation that makes it impossible for students to receive the attention they need during this crucial time in their life. My experience working with Sonali was beyond what I could have ever received at my high school or with any other counselor. She is very professional, committed, and motivating. My college application process with Sonali was very educational, well organized, and most importantly, completely stress free! I would not have made it through the college application process without her guidance, support, and help. It truly is incredible how much dedication Sonali puts into working with her students. She is always available for help outside of counseling sessions, by phone, email, or even texts. She became more than a college counselor to me, but also a role model and sincere friend. She is a master at what she does and working with Sonali has truly been a blessing!”

Ashkan Farida
Business Administration Major

Viewpoint High School
Loyola Marymount University

The college selection process was one that I thought would come with a lot of stress, anxiety and challenges. Even though my high school provided a College Counseling program, I still felt unprepared and uncomfortable for the crucial months ahead that were the application process. After hearing about Sonali's services from a friend, I scheduled a meeting and was immediately comforted. Sonali's system and approach to the college application process proves to be extremely effective and relieved a lot of stress from my life. Even though my time was constricted by the numerous amount of sports injuries that I sustained and the amount of time that followed in physical therapy trying to recover, Sonali helped boost my confidence and motivated me to work to my best ability. Sonali was always available to help me whenever I needed it and still is to this day. Working with Sonali is a true pleasure and made applying to college comfortable and easier than I thought it was going to be. I highly recommend her.

Avanthi Hulugalle

Louisville High School
University of California, San Diego

In my school there was only one college counselor per hundred-forty kids, it was hard to get anyof the individualized attention or personable advice I needed.  I was often put in the category of kids that seemed to have everything organized and understood.  When in reality I did not understand or know where to even begin. Luckily, Sonali came to my rescue. She set me up with much needed timeline and strategies that helped get me through one of the most stressful and confusing periods of my life. Sonali also gave me the realistic confidence I needed while applying to colleges. She was easy and comfortable to work with and I felt confident that she truly knew what was best for me and how my application should look. By correcting and checking all my essays and helping me form an organized resume I felt prepared and less intimidated sending in my applications. She was always available for any questions or just a confidence boost any time I needed it. She helped me understand the importance and art of presenting myself well and I believe that will help me not only in applying to colleges but for future applications.