Bridges Educational Consulting is an independent consulting practice dedicated to helping students maximize their educational opportunities. Our goal is to help students and parents navigate successfully through the competitive application process. We help each of our students to formulate an attainable plan to pursue their academic and extracurricular interests while understanding the various complexities of the admissions process. 

We have a 100% success rate in getting every student we work with into one of the schools of their choice. Although we cannot guarantee that any student gets into a specific school, we can help guide each student through the process to ensure that their admission's decision is based on an extensive review of the student’s readiness, as well as the institutions capability to cultivate his or her talents. Bridges Educational Consulting will give you the best possible chance of being admitted to the school that is the “right fit” for you.

Conversation and personal attention are imperative in reaching a successful admission placement and all of our services are designed to give each student, and their family, the support they need to minimize the stress and anxiety this process can have. 

A short description of our services is listed below. If you would like a complete list of our services and our prices, you may request this information on our contact page.

High School Seniors

Meeting with high school seniors on a consistent, weekly basis during this critical time of the college admissions process is crucial. Each senior will be given an assessment of his or her academic profile, leadership and community service. Students will be encouraged to refine or add to the list of colleges they are considering and guidance will be provided in planning and formulating an overall strategy for the application process. We will discuss and offer advice on each college application the student fills out and offer recommendations on developing a strong and thoughtful essay and/or personal statement. In addition, each student will be coached on how to present themselves in a positive manner during their individual college admission interviews.

Transfer Students

Transferring from one college to another is an intricate and detailed process. Transfer destinations have unique and varying requirements. We can help students who want to apply to transfer from one university to another, from a community college to a university or a high school student looking to start his/her education at a community college and then transfer to a university.

We will help you navigate the transfer process and identify universities that may fit your needs and abilities.  We will assist you in strategizing your course selection and completion to make you an attractive applicant.  This includes analyzing pervious academic performance and matching it to collegiate opportunities that fit your profile.  We will discuss and offer counsel on each college application and offer recommendations on developing a strong and thoughtful essay and/or personal statement.

Graduate Students

Applying to a Masters Program, Law School, Medical School, trying to get your PhD or EdD is daunting. Many universities want you to already have some work experience in the field you are applying to. We will help guide you in what type of experience you will need to have, whether it is a paid job, unpaid internship or years of community service. We will help you write an extensive resume as well as assist you in crafting your personal statement.

International Students

It can be overwhelming and challenging to move to another country to start your journey towards a better future. Understanding the United States college admissions process, how to get your transcripts translated, and what you need to do to maintain your F1 Visa status is complicated enough. Add language and cultural differences to the mix and it becomes even more daunting. We are here to help make the process easier for you to navigate, provide support in helping you apply, get settled in your new enviornment and even prepare for job placement.

High School Juniors


High School Juniors need a detailed description of the college admissions process and guidance on how to prepare for college. We meet with them several times during the year to assess their academic profile, review their standardized test plans, and discuss the colleges that the student is considering. With this information, we will evaluate whether the student’s level of performance needs to be maintained or improved to reach their academic goals. Recommendations will also be made on whether the student’s extracurricular activities and achievements open specific opportunities for them in the admissions process. Finally, we will help the student begin to identify and develop a list of colleges to which they will apply to, as well as prepare them for their initial college visits.

High School Freshman and Sophomores


Freshman and sophomore students need guidance in mapping out their academic coursework and extracurricular activities. Through our advising, we help each student in choosing the courses they should take to meet their academic goals and interests. Assistance in exploring extracurricular activities is also given so that the student can enhance and strengthen their future goals. We will present each student with a timeline and specific steps in preparing for his or her future college admissions process.

Private Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Trying to apply to kindergarten is harder than applying to college. This is also the case in applying to private middle schools and high schools. Unlike applying to college, where universities across the country and across the globe are viable options, secondary education is limited to a certain geographic area. Public school options may not be the best for a child who is intellectually curious and ready to be challenged. It is nearly impossible to get your child into a top rated public school outside of your neighborhood. We will spend time getting to know you and your child, your family values, how your child learns best and what you feel your child needs from a particular school. We will guide you in choosing the schools that are the “right fit” for your child, assist in writing an appropriate and compelling personal statement about your child, and prepare you for the many interviews you will need to have with the admissions office.

Other Services Offered

Career Services – resume building, cover letter assistance, interview preparation and more

Life Coaching –personal development and leadership, health and wellness, and more

Consulting for Colleges & Universities – strategic planning, communication plans, marketing, student life, enrollment management, and more